Just Another Monday in Paradise

IMG_6124 Sometimes it’s so easy to get bogged down in worry. In anxiety. In life.IMG_6095I try to remind myself that any life in which I get to live here …IMG_6055… in my beloved Pacific Northwest home (where I’m convinced fairies must live)  …

IMG_6036 … taking pictures of the beauty it has to offer …

IMG_6015… on a another lovely spring day …

IMG_6131 … with my family …

IMG_6041… is pretty darned blessed.

IMG_6068 I hope that you’re enjoying the season, wherever you are.

IMG_6139 It goes by too quickly.IMG_6124 2

Have a great Monday, and a great week ahead, friends!


Aja Lynn

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3 thoughts on “Just Another Monday in Paradise

  1. Still waiting for the thaw-out over here … warm weather is taking its time to show up! I don’t even see flowers blooming around the neighbourhood yet … maybe next week …

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