February’s Back: Blog Break’s Over

February's Back: Break's Over (1)

I have to say, taking a break from the blog has been good.

My energy has been needed (by me) in other places and in other ways. Not to mention, it’s given me time to reevaluate what I’m doing here and miss it a bit.

The truth is that, blogging had become a bit of chore. I want to do it because I love it! (And I do.) I had forgotten that it was fun to share. I took short breaks before but I think I went back to it too soon before.

I originally started this blog because I felt like I needed an outlet for some of my personal and creative interests. Somewhere along the line I sought to focus my scope and accidentally ended up stifling myself with limits and restrictions. I ended up feeling guilty and bad all the time for not only not keeping up, but not wanting to. That is no way to blog, my friends. I mean … that’s no fun!

So, I’m getting back to it with a little perspective and a lot of excitement. 

I love sharing my photos, my kitchen and my experiences here in my adopted Pacific Northwest home. It makes me feel good to share what is fun, interesting and dear to me with my friends here on the blog.

The good news is that, though I haven’t been here on the blog, I’ve been out, about, takin’ pictures, cookin’ dinner, enjoying my northwest life and getting ready to start sharing once more.February's Back: Break's Over (2)

Here’s to a great month, a great year and a lot more joy!


Aja Lynn

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