Out with the Old: Goodbye 2013

It’s not your imagination, I haven’t been here in quite a while.

It was a break I needed to take.

That being said. It is the very last day of 2013 and I just couldn’t let it pass without saying a little something about it.

Something like,

Peace out 2013! Get. To. Steppin’! … I’m serious. Go on! Get!

It’s been a rough year and while there have been a few highlights, I can’t say I’m sorry to put it in my rear-view mirror. I hope that your year was one to remember, but for me, I’m not sad to see this one go.

In fact, I’m hopeful that this is the end of a rather dry and dismal season in my life.Out with the Old 01

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens.”


As I said, I’ve been taking a much needed break from the blog, but I’m ready to come back in the new year and have a good time. This blog has been an important part of my sanity, my journey and those of you who read it, an important part of my energy over the past years. I’m looking forward to getting my blogging mojo back.

Or rather, maybe just my mojo in general. I miss the better versions of me.

I’m looking forward to hopefully, filling in the blanks from these past months and to switching things up in the new year here on the blog. Finding ways to make it fun again. I’m looking to getting back in touch with my past joys and creating new ones.

Despite another difficult year, I have some high hopes for this one. They are mostly intensely private hopes and dreams for the coming year, but most importantly I’m going out on a limb by having hopes and dreams at all. Somewhere along the way I started protecting myself from disappointment, and the unknown and unexpected future by giving up on having more or different.

I speak from experience, it may do the trick but you can’t find fulfillment that way. Life becomes smaller and smaller. That’s just no way to be.

So …

Thanks for some of the memories 2013. Thank you for the invaluable life lessons and spontaneous moments of joy. I’ll treasure them. But if you don’t mind, I’m going make room for new and better days by doing a little sorting, recycling, donating and forgetting.

I can’t wait to see you back here my friends, in a brighter 2014.

Always Hopeful,

Aja Lynn


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2 thoughts on “Out with the Old: Goodbye 2013

  1. We are at our best when we have gone through the worst. We hug or hold a hand now and others sense that we have a humbler, deeper compassion; others see and hear it in your writing. Put all your pain, your issues, in the rear view window, don’t ever loose the special gifts you now have from the road you have traveled.

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